Monday, November 15, 2010

A Gratified Uncle

More than an hour ago, I was reviewing some of the photos posted on my wall (older posts) in my FACEBOOK account. I saw this picture saying “THANK YOU” (view the photo above) and found out that it was posted by a good friend – Raymond Rabanal, also an event planner. We’ve been partner in some events- as he usually endorse to me.We shared good times times even though we have known each other for just a couple of years after having been introduced by a common friend- Irene delos Santos.We have a very good chemistry. No moments of boredom for us, we laugh and we talk about so many things. I have seen the photo over a month ago but didn’t bother to have a closer eye on it. He is such a very proud and pleased uncle. It was posted on September 4, 2010.The photo contains this message:

"(guyz n gals) its almost a week.. but i guess its not yet the end to thank all of you for making KATE'S bday a successful one.. from the preparation up to the last minute of the event.. you haven't fail us... firstly, we thank almighty God, for bringing us all together and for giving us a good and healthy lives, secondly, to TREBORZ and company for the video coverage. to Mr. Vincent Paul Arnuco for the nice angled shots photography... to Mr. Rikkilim for the enjoyable Photo booth... for the beautiful sounds we had, thank you mam beah, thirdly, to our family from Dumaguete who ferried in here.. to our Lola & Lolo and our cousins, for the love and support they have shared us.. our family's here in zamboanga city who in way or another supported us till the end of the event. Print & Papers for the nice invitation layout, Diana's Flower shop for the beautiful roses, Ma'am Gina cabato for the nice Cake, For the nice powerpoint presentation, thank you Fotospeed, to sir Danny Lim, ma'am cielo & ma'm richie for accommodating us all in Gazebo.. fourth, to Ms. Rica Salabsab & Mura Navarette miss universe 2010 as the make up artist of the celebrant and friends, to Mr. Donald Green & Ms. sharon for the Dresses of the Celebrant. to the Choreographers; Ms. Mura Navarette again, for the Hawaiian dance choreography, to Angelo Ferolino who choreographed 2 modern dances also.., to Kate's Teacher, classmates and friends., we may not know you 1 by 1 guys or even mentioned your names here.. but deep in our hearts, we will! To AUTOMOTIVE RNR BODY SHOP staff who helped us, set up the gazebo, To Jason Acar.. last minute helped are always be acknowledged ehheheheeh... And Lastly, to MR. Joe Harris Kari for the wonderful Event coordination, for without all of you guyz & gals this event will never be remembered.... MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TODOS..."

To Raymond – Thank you too for entrusting me to do event of you niece. It was indeed a wonderful experience.Thank you for always being nice and kind to me. Thank you for the time and for the viral laughters that u have. May God continue to bless you and your family. May have happiness for a lifetime.Cheers!

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  1. waah.... this was post.. last last month ago.. ehehehhe.. but indeed, deep in our deep as the ocean deep..ehehhehe we are very thankful and proud for adding us up as one of your hundreds of friends.. may we have many many many more clients /events to have; endorsements to endorse heehehehe/// PAKPARAPAK.... upuan.. hahaahhaa