Monday, July 9, 2012

Cornucopia-inspired Bridal Bouquet

I wish to share to you one of the strangest and beautiful bridal bouquet i did earlier this year.I really love the way i arranged holland blue hycinths, cymbidium orchid,local berries and local weed blossoms.

The theme of the wedding was midsummer nights dream, and the bouquet was inspired from a cornucopia.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vintage Love

This is the bouquet i made for my client earlier. I used blue holland hycinths, white carnations, and million stars. I love the handle - metal bracelets with cameo.
Love it!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mark and Chin

It was attended by numerous guests from different places in the county as well as relatives abroad. June 1, 2012 was a memorable day for Chin and Mark for they will be bonded forever. The wedding was  romantic and memorable for all of the guests attending the Civil Wedding under military rites at Astoria Regency Convention Center.
Navy blue and silver was a couple’s choice and the garden set-up was my idea.
Prenuptial Photography was done in different places in Bongao, Tawi-tawi – the birthplace of Chin ,and the cradle of their love story. Mark  is from Tuguegarao, Northern Luzon.

Event  Management/Event Styling : Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling
Videography : TreborZ Audivisuals 
Photography : CWORKS Photography
Hair/MUA : Pio Hilario
Couture : Al-Shamer Abdul
Floral Design : Pattimae Flowershop
Cake : LIMTEL Collections
Lights and Sounds Reinforcement : Wildbluez Mobile System
Landscape : Gardens by Roger Miang
Musician/Wedding Singers : La Vocce Rytmus
Indoor/Outdoor Fireworks : NEXTSTEP by Jojie Chua

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Cognitive Investment

The custom of reading, fully guarantees your success in several walks of life. Learning the magnitude of reading books will definitely prove favorable for all your cognitive skills and open directions for you to think, realize and fully comprehend those concepts of your interests. Realizing the significance of books and making them an essential part of your life will improve your craft - wedding planning, event styling and floral design in my case.

My recent trips to Davao City and Cebu City for advance wedding planning course with the country’s top name in Event Management Business – Ms. Rita Neri made me realize that reading books aside from travelling ,googling the internet, and looking around for ideas will help me perk up my craft.

Going back to Zamboanga City with me were books authored by celebrated event planner David Tutera and Ms. Rita Neri , and I enjoy reading it.

So read, read ,and read.

Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes and How to Avoid The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Wedding

I was browsing the internet earlier and accidently engrossed to the article of Nina Callaway of Guide.

This article will surely help brides-to-be.

Top 10 Biggest Wedding Mistakes

How to Avoid The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Wedding

A Lack of Personality
The number one biggest mistake I see is a wedding devoid of the couple's own personalities. Now, I'm not saying everyone has to have a theme wedding, but if I see one more wedding with the standard "Love is patient" reading, or where it doesn't seem as if the couple had a hand in the d├ęcor, menu, or music, I'm gonna scream. This is the most important day of your life - it should reflect your life.

Wasting Money
The wedding industry is just that - an industry. So while there is a lot of good advice out there, there is also advice from people who'll profit from it. Be careful you're not spending money where you don't need to - whether it's being talked into a more expensive wedding dress, or having a limousine when your wedding and reception are at the same location. Make sure you know your budget, what's important to you - and what isn't.

Forgetting What a Wedding Really Is
The wedding ceremony is the main event - the reception is just a celebration of it. Make sure you've put enough thought into the music, readings, and vows that will make your wedding ceremony memorable.

Not Knowing the Master of Ceremonies
There are two people whose personalities are almost as important as the couple getting married - they are the MC of the ceremony (often the officiant) and the MC of the reception (often the DJ or band leader.) Let's face it, if your officiant is boring and dry, your wedding ceremony is going to be boring and dry. And if your DJ is super cheesy, you're going to be doing the chicken dance. Make sure that your personalities mesh well with these two people, and that you feel listened to and respected.

Thinking "It Could Never Rain on MY Wedding Day"
So many couples forget to plan for things going wrong. If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have an alternate location in case of rain. Give a trusted person a list of vendors, phone numbers, and expected time of arrival so that you won't be caught 10 minutes before the wedding without the bouquets. Bring a bridal emergency kit for last minute snafus.

Forgetting the Meaning of the Word "Budget"
You started off well, figuring how much you could save, how much parents would give, and what you already had in your bank account. But before you knew it, you spent twice what you budgeted for apparel on shoes alone, and the caterers laughed at you when you told them the food budget. At this point, a lot of couples would just throw costs out the window, and wind up starting a new life together thousands of dollars in debt. Instead, use the budget as a tool to figure out what you can cut, what you can save and where other income might come from. Not only will budgeting help you afford your wedding, but it's an important skill for your married life.

Getting Trashed the Night Before the Wedding

Whether your friends have mistakenly planned the bachelor/bachelorette parties for the night before the wedding, or you plan to drink through the rehearsal dinner, the last thing you need is to wake up with a headache, puffy skin, fuzzy head, or worse, an upset stomach. Do yourself a favor, skip drinking the night before.

Being Inconsiderate
Yes, it's your wedding, and your special day. But you need to take other people into consideration as well. After all, a good host puts others needs front and center. Think about what you are asking. Is what you need the wedding party to do fair? Have you been clear about your expectations about level of commitment? Will your guests be forced to stand around for over an hour while you take pictures? Will they be comfortable in the weather or have you thought to provide bottles of water, fans, and/or wraps and heaters? Do guests know what to expect? Are you planning your wedding for a holiday weekend when most of your in-town guests wish they could get out of town?

Not Involving Your Better Half
It is 21st century. Wedding planning can and should be the domain of both people, rather than just de facto delegated to the bride. I suggest setting aside a regular weekly meeting time to talk about new ideas, research that you've done, and set wedding-related goals for the next week.

Losing Perspective
Don't forget to keep your eye on what's really important to you. Don't get bogged down in so many small details that you don't spend enough time on what's important. If something goes wrong, try your best to take deep breaths and think about the big picture. Above all, keep your sense of humor!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Application for a Philippine Marriage License and Parish Office or Church Requirement


Marriage License: a requirement for either a Civil or Church wedding to be held in the Philippines. The Application Form for a marriage license must be secured at the Local Civil Registrar from the city, town or municipality where either the bride or the groom habitually resides. The personal appearance of those getting married is required in applying for a marriage license.

Each of the contracting parties shall file separately a sworn application for each license with the proper local civil registrar. Philippine law prescribes a ten-day waiting period from the filing of the Application to the issuance of the marriage license. The license is valid for 120 days from date of issuance and may be used anywhere in the Philippines.

At the time the contracting parties appear to file their application for a Marriage License to the local civil registrar, he or she must also submit the following supporting documents:

Birth Certificate: Certified True Copy required of each the contracting parties with the respective registry number. This document is issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

NOTE: NSO now provides a web service which accepts online application for copies of birth and marriage certificates. It is called the e-Census, a web facility aimed to provide Filipinos within and outside the country an alternative means in applying for copies of their civil registry documents. It also has a 24-7 hotline called the NSO Helpline Plus with telephone no. (632)737.1111. You could also reach them via email through:


1. Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates: These relates to both the bride's and the groom's. These must be new copies and must have an annotation: "FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES ONLY" and must have been secured not more than three (3) months before the date of marriage.
FOR MIXED MARRIAGE (different religions or Disparitas Cultas): a dispensation must be secured from the Archdiocesan ChanGeneral Church Wedding Requirements

2. Marriage License: This can be secured from the city or municipality hall where either the bride or the groom currently resides.
For those who are civilly married, a certified true photocopy of the Marriage Contract with the registry number of the city or town where the marriage was performed must be submitted one week before the wedding date.

3. Canonical Interview: This interview with the bride and the groom will be done one month before the wedding date and will be conducted by the parish priest or his assistant. The schedule of the interview will be given upon the signing of the application form. Failure to report on the interview date or failure to notify the office of any change in the schedule will mean cancellation of the application and reservation of the church for the upcoming wedding.

4. Pre-Marriage Seminar: Both the bride and the groom have to attend this. The schedule for the seminar will be given during the canonical interview or you may inquire at the parish office. Some churches may allow attendance in other pre-wedding seminars such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) or Discovery Weekend (DW) as a suitable substitute (if you have already attended either one of these, inquire at the parish office if they recognize either CEE or DW in lieu of their Pre-Marriage Seminar.)

5. Permission from bride's parish: a permit from the parish of the bride-to-be must be secured and presented to the parish office of the couple's chosen ceremony venue. The form will be provided by the parish office of your chosen church.
6. Marriage Banns: These will be provided during the canonical interview and have to be immediately brought to the respective parishes of the bride and the groom for posting. These have to be returned to the office after three Sundays. (Note: the respective parishes may ask some requirements for the posting of the banns [i.e. a ID picture from the bride and the groom])

7. List of names and addresses of principal sponsors (Ninongs & Ninangs): This has to be submitted to the parish office one week before the wedding date. Church policy requires at least a pair of sponsors and, ideally, a maximum of six sponsors.
Additional Requirements for Specific Cases
for widows or widowers: A copy of the death certificate of the former spouse must be presented to the parish office.

Renewal of Vows: remember to bring a copy of the Catholic Marriage Contract.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

AMAYA - inspired Engagement Shoot

I am amused by the way the set and costumes for AMAYA (GMA's Historical Fiction Primetime Soap) are being made and styled..It shows us the rich material culture of early filipinos during the pre-spanish Philippines.

As a big fan of the primetime soap, i chose it as one of the inspiration in one of the engagement shoot for my client (Leila and Mark) who got married last month.

Garbed with ethnic clothing and accessories that resembled like of the accessories used for the primetime, it resulted a very beautiful photographs that the couple verily enjoyed.

Antonio Pigafetta will surely agree.

Photography : Joe-Art Productions
Creative Director : Joe Harris Kari
Costumes and Styling : Joe Harris Kari
Hair/MUA : Goyang Fernandez & Odessa Alos
Location : Abong-abong Eco-park