Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Madrona - Ramos Nuptials (12.29.10)

Madrazo-Ramos Nuptials (12.29.10.) is in partnership with MONDO EVENTS of Dale Lagonera Borja and Jerry Cinco Abierra.

Church : Holy Trinity Church
Reception : Astoria Plaza, Grand Astoria Hotel

Photography : Cworks by Clint Sanchez
Videography : Cworks by Clint Sanchez
Floral Design : Buds and Blooms and Melanie Lim
Cake : LIMTEL Collections
Lights and Sounds : Sure Audio by Donjie Almadro
Wedding Singers/Entertaiments : KM6
Souvenir : Funstudio by Fotospeed
Host : Ritchie Ruste

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's January 2011 and im back to work. Earlier, Bojo and I were talking about their wedding plans over Facebook. He is currently in London. I suggested the romantic city of Venice as the inspiration. I made this Mood Boards last month. Bojo and Sugar will tie a knot at St.Joseph Church summer this year and will hold a banquet at Astoria Regency Convention Center.Key colors were red and matte gold.