Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reception Program

In order for the Reception Program to be smooth sailing or problem-free, it must be planned carefully. A premeditated Reception Program gives surety of delight to the guests.

Here is a typical example of my Reception Program.

COCKTAIL HOUR. On arrival, the drinks waiter offers your wedding guests a choice of beverages and hors d'oeuvres/light snacks in separate room or space adjacent to the reception area.

USHERING/GUEST REGISTRATION .Your guests arrive at the wedding reception, they are greeted by a wedding reception usher and/or the reception manager. Guests are either given their table numbers or escorted to their tables. In some cases the guest can look up their own table number and seat themselves.Prelude music is played.

CALL TO ORDER. The Master of Ceremony convokes and commands everyone to sit down and to be comfortable in their respective seats.

CALL FOR ASSEMBLY . Bridal party congregates at the foyer area or at the entrance of the banquet hall.

OPENING PRAYER. Master of Ceremonies say an introductory prayer

WORDS OF WELCOME. A short speech that welcomes everyone to the wedding reception and thanks everyone for coming

INTRODUCTION OF THE BRIDAL PARTY. The Master of Ceremonies introduces the bridal party. Firstly the couple’s parents, the principal sponsors/witnesses/the secondary sponsors/the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the maid of honour and best man, then the bearers and flower girls.

OPENING AVP. Prenuptial Shoot of the couple ,MTV, or slideshow through audiovisual presentation (AVP) will be shown.

GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE COUPLE. Master of Ceremonies introduces the Bride and Groom.

CHITCHAT. The Couple and the Masters of Ceremony usually have a casual conversation or small talk about the couple’s love story and about marriage.

FIRST DANCE/BRIDAL WALTZ. The couple’s first dance

FATHER AND DAUGHTER DANCE. Father dance with his daughter

PROSPERITY DANCE. Guest pins paper bills on the couple’s clothes.

CAKE CUTTING. Couple cut and eat the cake. They feed each other and sip wine right after. Other guests may then partake of the cake.

WINE PARADE AND ENTERTAINMENT. Waiters dance in a choreographed movement and distribute wine to the guests after.

CEREMONIAL WINE TOAST. The Best Man or the Bridegroom’s attendant makes a toast for the newly married couple.

GRACE BEFORE MEALS. Mealtime blessing before eating.

GROWING – UP AVP. Old and recent photographs of the couple will be shown.

WELL –WISHERS/WORDS OF INSPIRATION. A pair of principal sponsors, closest friend of the couple and their parents will talk about the couple and express their wishes.

SAME DAY EDIT. (optional) The highlights of the wedding from preparation, church ceremony, parts of the reception program will be shown.

WORDS OF GRATITUDE. The newlywed thanks their wedding guests and say their goodbyes.

BOUQUET/GARTER TOSS/FUNGAMES. The bride’s throws a bouquet, usually a bridesmaids bouquet or a mock bouquet. The groom removes and throws the wedding garter.Games to pick the next it-groom and it-bride.

OPENING OF SMALLEST AND BIGGEST GIFT. The couple opens the smallest and biggest gift given to them.


  1. Glad to know about your wedding reception program and hope you had great time. Couple of months ago, I arranged my niece’s engagement party at one of beautiful wedding venues. Invited all our family and friends and enjoyed a lot.