Monday, August 1, 2011


The bride is the center of attention in the course of a wedding party. Everybody keeps all eyes on her. Right soon after wedding ceremony, individuals would talk about her outfit, how happy she is and other matters like the Bouquet that she is holding .Indeed, bouquet is an essential part of the Wedding

The bridal bouquet should also compliment the bridal outfit and also the whole wedding design. These bouquets need to also attract the interest of the wedding guests and make sure that all of them would praise the bride’s beauty.

Bridal Bouquet should be beautiful and wild sometimes, so i introduced eccentric elements in some of the Bridal Bouquets that i made.

Ilham Al-Hindawi -Ismael is holding a Morrocan-inspired Bridal Bouquet of fuschia pink roses combined with weed blossoms and intertwined with white lace foliage.Multi-colored cystals,pearls,and trinkets engrossed the bouquet.
Karen Satorre-Atienza's red gala rose Bridal Bouquet is nestled in springy twigs i found in the backyard. As for Tonirose Marquez-Arroyo's Bridal Bouquet, the blooms were enveloped with sturdy yet pliable crawling twigs.


  1. Thank you to Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling....for us, truly our wedding was incomparable...beyond what we expected it to be!!!
    -Russ and Karen

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