Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Cognitive Investment

The custom of reading, fully guarantees your success in several walks of life. Learning the magnitude of reading books will definitely prove favorable for all your cognitive skills and open directions for you to think, realize and fully comprehend those concepts of your interests. Realizing the significance of books and making them an essential part of your life will improve your craft - wedding planning, event styling and floral design in my case.

My recent trips to Davao City and Cebu City for advance wedding planning course with the country’s top name in Event Management Business – Ms. Rita Neri made me realize that reading books aside from travelling ,googling the internet, and looking around for ideas will help me perk up my craft.

Going back to Zamboanga City with me were books authored by celebrated event planner David Tutera and Ms. Rita Neri , and I enjoy reading it.

So read, read ,and read.


  1. Hi,
    You are right; if Business Plan Writers learn it in detail then it will be easy to understand it and more chances of success in this field.

  2. Nice books. most of the wedding peoples are like this books to write our wedding how they celebrate it. The designers are simply design this books so gorgeous.