Monday, November 8, 2010

VERBALIZED in retrospect : My Penchant for Floral Design

Flowers are of my great interest. I love flowers, and certainly enjoy floral design. I did several flower arrangements but most of them are undocumented. It’s actually part of my academic subject in the College of Home Economics before, and I was even tasked to talk about or report about floristy which was a huge help to me. I researched a lot. After few months of the same year, I was tasked again to talk about floral design and to demonstrate different floral arrangements in one of my professional education subject. Well –equipped with technical skills and theoretical knowledge about flowers during the second time around.

After the next semester, I was asked to represent my school(Western Mindanao State University) along with my three other classmates for a pre-teachers summit participated by a large number of education students in Region 9.This time, I was again tasked to represent and join 2 different categories – Instructional Materials Making which I won first place, and Teaching Demonstration Competition which I landed third place among 15 participants in the summit. And my topic was again – Floral Design. My demonstrations caught the attention of the participants, and put me to the spot.

From then on, I would buy flowers in regular basis and arrange it in various styles and heights, or recycle flowers I got from the events that I managed and rearranged it. Doing it cyclically furthermore aroused my interest and hone my penchant. Then I started merchandising.I started with my friends, and i earned from it – fame and money.

That was the start of my floral design business engagement.

BRIDAL BOQUET.Rica Pilar Thamsey-Bustamante is one of my favorite muses during college days. We met in a theater guild at WMSU-were both actors then.I was doing the set and costumes too of our various productions.I provide her gowns and accessories during her hosting engagements using only just unseamed fabrics and pins.But during her wedding day at the shores of Bora de Lantaka,Lantaka Hotel by the Sea 3 years back, my job was different.Instead of providing her a wedding gown, i made her bouquet.This time i was trying my luck on Floral Design.For her bouquet, i used dozens of locally grown spray red roses that we bought at flower stalls along San Jose Road in Zamboanga City.It was a summer wedding and the theme was "Luau" so i incorporated dried raffia instead of foliage to make the bouquet unique. I let the dried raffia cascade down to the floor like mimicking a hawaiian grass skirt.And i added some miniature shells to compliment further to the theme.It was truly an exceptional bridal bouquet that truly delighted her and highlighted the wedding details.

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