Monday, November 8, 2010



The demands for Wedding Planners nowadays in any parts of the world especially in highly urbanized cities is skyrocketing, and I can say you so because there are lot of couples locally and abroad (70% of my clients) wish to hire my services. I had several weddings in the past so it means the demand is high.I really never thought that I would reach this far, that there are brides who wants me to do their weddings, and who trusts my creativity. Thank God for the skill and talent, Joe Harris Kari Events and Event Styling is humbly soaring high. It’s overwhelming indeed.

As a wedding planner, I am accountable for contacting dissimilar vendors, ordering wedding items, keeping on budget, choosing the right motif for the wedding, right flowers for the floral design, musical score to be used for the church or during the reception program, right bridal gown that flatters the figure of the bride, distinctive details of theme, and just about every other part of a wedding that called for to be planned. I do most of the legworks, it’s my job as a wedding planner and I certainly enjoy it.

Wedding planners have personal knowledge in finding great wedding deals for every couple considering their individual wants and their financial abilities. Wedding planner is your library. We explain every details and we share ideas and gives necessary information. We study every wedding traditions.

The advantages of hiring a wedding planner are briefly enumerated below.

1.) Plans and organize your wedding

2.) Personal Consultant

3.) Gets the best deal for your money

4.) Gets everything you want for your wedding without having to do much of the work.

5.) Connections with the local wedding services like wedding suppliers, service providers, and vendors

6.) Special deals with suppliers, service providers and, vendors and they might also get you a discount for these services.

7.) Access for great discounts

8.) Troubleshooter

9.) Saves you a lot of time

As a quality, knowledgeable, and creative wedding planner my job is to help the couple and alleviate the stress of the planning process.


  1. wow! so you did the sarahadil wedding... i love your flowers and the arrangement... it was elegantly made.. congratulations..!

  2. Informative read about advantages of hiring a wedding planner,According to me one of the advantages of hiring a professional wedding planner is that they usually have connections with the local services that are used for a wedding.

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